What is it?

A wonderful non-invasive test based on 30 years of research.  It shows you the foods and body/household products that are incompatible with your body.  When these foods are substituted in your normal daily diet, your cellular function is enhanced leading to good organ function, great immunity and digestion.    It is the ultimate holistic tool as we are starting your healing at the cellular level so that every system in your body will benefit and maximise your results.

What do I have to do?

The initial consultation will consist of case-taking on my behalf to assess your overall health.  I cut a small piece of hair from the nape of your neck (saliva and body hair can also be used) and send it off to the testing centre in Queensland.  Typically results arrive within a week.  If you are not local to Adelaide we can meet via Skype.  You will fill out a food diary for a week so that I can build a treatment for you that will closely match your personal preferences.

I provide you with your plan and all the information that you need to get started on a 6 month program to improve your health.  Most people notice a marked improvement in the first 2 weeks.  It is amazing how ready the body is to heal when it is given the chance.

A follow-up consult is recommended 2-4 weeks into your program so that we can be sure that you are confident with your food choices.  Re-testing is recommended after 6 months.

Who can be tested?

Everyone, babies, adults, the elderly, there is even animal testing!

How much is it?

The test for 500+ product is excellent value at $260,  re-testing is $190.

There are also extra lists that can be tested eg, baby foods/products, Indian foods, etc

Value-added package

Initial consultation + hair test + 6 month program + 2 Zoom follow-up consultations = $370 (a saving of $100!)