Insomnia – Disturbed Sleep

I am always amazed at the amount of people who have trouble sleeping.  It seems that it is a very basic function and so should come easily and naturally to everyone. But that is simply not the case.  And there are many different types of disturbed sleep.

Some of my clients fall into bed exhausted at night and then can’t get to sleep.

Some easily fall asleep but wake in the night and then remain alert for hours.

And others sleep fitfully and wake exhausted after poor quality of sleep.

Natural therapies are the answer.  There are so many different techniques out there that you are bound to find one that suits you.  And without having to endure the awful, groggy hangover  and possible addiction that sleeping tablets provide.

I don’t just treat the symptom – poor sleep – but I look further at the causes so that we can stop it from returning.  My first questions are around stress levels and a quick look in the iris can reveal if you are someone who ‘lives in your brain’ – always over-processing thoughts, which can trigger anxiety and insomnia.  Adrenal function is also a factor to be considered, especially in those who wake during the night and then are alert and can’t relax back into sleep.  For many of these factors, I prescribe magnesium – the wonderful mineral that is deficient in Australian soil and difficult to digest.  A bottle of flower essences also provides wonderful relief from anxiety and Boronia, in particular, for the constant mind chatter in your brain.

Lane Cove National Park
Boronia – quietens excessive mental chatter

These can also be blended with gem essences and essential oils to mist around the house, the person and on the pillow.

sleep aura mist
A bespoke flower and gem essence spray – to be misted into the room, on the pillow, or around the person.

Herbal medicine is also wonderful for sleep issues.  There are herbs that I would prescribe to take in the evening such as Valerian, California Poppy and Jamaica Dogwood.  I also prescribe herbs to be taken during the day – not to make you drowsy but to tame anxiety and balance the function of the nervous system and adrenals so that they are on and firing during the day but switch off at night.

Many women also find that hormonal fluctuations around the time of menopause can cause sleep disturbance.  In these cases I can use whichever parts of my arsenal are indicated – herbs, supplements, diet and flower essences.  If you are local to Stirling, you can always come for a relaxing massage at night.  Just drive carefully on the way home!

Other suggestions are to dim the lights at night and turn off the television and devices. The artificial light tricks the brain into thinking that it is still daytime and therefore delays the release of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin.

If you are a shift-worker or suffering from jet lag, melatonin is a wonderful supplement to try.  If your insomnia is due to a melatonin imbalance, it will work beautifully.

How about a warm bath with magnesium containing epsom salts and a few drops of lavender?  A cup of chamomile tea should top that off perfectly.

warm bath
bath salts, flower essences and essential oils will help you to relax in a warm bath

Am I putting you to sleep yet?  I have many, many more hints, remedies and therapies as every case is as individual as the person who presents with them.

If you are having trouble sleeping or need more energy, make an appointment to see me either in person in Stirling, SA or via Skype… email or call me — or 0416 079 330.

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